Abstract Guidelines

11th September - 13 September 2023

Submission Guidelines


Surname INITIALS1, Surname INITIALS1* and Surname INITIALS2

1Department, Faculty, University, Country

2Department, Institute, Country

*author@gmail.com (*Corresponding author’s email only)


An abstract is a single paragraph, without subheadings, indentation, or references, written in English.  It should be an explicit summary of your presentation that states the problem, the objectives, the methods used, and the major results and conclusions.  It should be single-spaced in 11-point Times New Roman.  Do not include bullets/lists or references in the abstract.  If there is a need to cite references, please provide the sources in brackets.  Use a zero before decimal points such as “0.45”, not “.45”.  The first part of your abstract should state the problem or issue you set out to solve and explain your rationale for purposing the research.  The purpose of your study is to solve this problem and/or add to your discipline’s understanding of the issue.  Your abstract should also describe the research methods.  Next, your abstract should indicate the results or outcomes of the work you have done so far.  Finally, your abstract should close with a statement of the project’s implications and contributions to the field.  The content of the abstract will be the basis for acceptance of the paper presentation at the APC2023.  Note, oral presentations cannot be guaranteed, and most data presentation will be by poster.  The poster session will be given high prominence in the program.  The abstracts will be reviewed and authors will be informed about acceptance for presentation via email.  Be sure to adhere to the word limit for the abstract (175-275 words).  The abstract should be submitted in the format of MS Word (.doc or .docx) document.  Keywords should be given leaving a one-line space below this text. 


Keywords: single, paragraph, summarizes, words indentation (Maximum 6 words)

** Please note that this format is provided for informative abstract (complete abstract).  Descriptive and critical abstracts are also welcomed and authors are encouraged to follow specific standards. 

Although it is not necessary for abstract submissions to be directly related to the Program, they should instead reflect current trending topics.


Please send your biography together with the abstract using the following format:

  1. Full name
  2. Position/department/organisation/country
  3. Contact information (address, mobile number, email address)
  4. Author Category: (Student/Salaried Academic/Clinical Practitioner/Lived Experience)
  5. Name of the Certificate

Example Biography:
Paul Jonathan
Dean, Faculty of Marketing Management,
University of New South Wales, Sydney

Since joining the University of New South Wales, Jonathan has been involved with studies related to tourism related challenges and strategies in small islands.  Before joining UNSW, Jonathan worked at a Research company as a senior researcher.  Since 2011 Jonathan worked as a dean of the Faculty of Marketing Management.

Contact Information:
Faculty of Marketing Management,
University of New South Wales, Sydney
High St
Kensington, NSW, 2052
Tel: +61 0412345678
Email: paul.jonathon@gmail.com