Funding Priority Research

Top Australian psychosis researchers came together at the 2018 Research Symposium to develop five priority areas for psychosis research in Australia.

These priorities are the Five Success Factors, and they represent the areas where psychosis research is urgently needed to have the most benefit in the lives of people living with psychosis.

Each Success Factor has several highly regarded Research Projects waiting for your support. We invite you to partner with us to contribute financially to fund these projects.

Increased Life Expectancy

People living with psychosis die 23 years earlier than the general population. This is due to poor physical health and a suicide rate 50% times higher than the general population.

Cost Effective Treatment & Supports

We need to understand which treatments and supports provide optimal value for money and the greatest returns on investment, and the most positive outcomes.

Improved Quality of Life

PA supports research that identifies treatments and supports that are effective in helping people with psychosis to experience improvements in their quality of life. 

Social & Economic Participation

Improving an individual’s mental health can provide benefits in increased social and economic participation, productivity in employment, and community engagement and connectedness.

Prevention, Recovery & Cure

Psychosis Australia supports targeted research that can ultimately discover a cure for psychosis