Australian Psychosis Conference 2023 Program 2

11th September – 13 September 2023


The Australian Psychosis Conference 2023 is the first face-to-face gathering we have been able to organise in 5 years.  It is a time to re-group and bridge gaps in our field by bringing research, practice, and lived experience closer together.

Australian Psychosis Conference 2023 will include symposia partnered with the Australian Society of Bipolar and Depressive Disorder (ASBDD), Biological Psychiatry Australia (BPA), and the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (MIFA).  Pre-Conference Workshops will be held on Sunday 10 September.  The social program will encourage mentoring and personal development. 


**Workshops will be run parallel to each other on the same day

Lived Experience
Venue: Novotel, Brighton Beach

Presenter: Satu Beverley
Open Dialogue in the treatment of mental illness.

9.30am       Registration opens

Venue: Novotel, Brighton Beach

Presenter: Professor Gin Malhi
Bipolar Disorder: Everything Everywhere All At Once.

9.30am       Registration opens

Venue: Neura

Chair: Professor Christos Pantelis
Multi-axial Profile Scores (MAPS): A Fingerprinting Framework for Improving Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
Workshop leaders: Dr Warda Syeda & Dr Cassandra Wannan

Multiblock Partial Least Squares Correlations: Identifying brain-cognition patterns in schizophrenia
Workshop leader: Dr Warda Syeda,  Workshop demonstrator: Dr Yoshito Saito (PhD candidate)

Dynamic Causal Modelling for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Workshop leader: Dr Alec Jamieson

9.30am       Registration opens

8.00am       Registration opens

9.00am       Welcome & Acknowledgements

9.15am       Hon. Emma McBride MP, Assistant Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

9.20am       Dr Brendan Nelson, AO 

9.25am       Opening Address, Professor Brian Burdekin, AO

10.00am     Morning Tea

10.30am     Plenary 1 – The Social Determinants of Mental Health and Illness – Key Note Speaker Prof Fran Baum Support Speaker Prof Vaughan Carr
Panel Discussion

12.10pm      Lunch

1.10pm       Plenary 2 Neurodevelopment: Preclinical Studies – Key Note Speaker Dr Melissa Bauman , Support Speaker Dr Tertia Purves-Tyson 
                   & Dr James Kesby
Panel Discussion

2.50pm       Afternoon tea

3.20pm       Plenary 3 – Neurodevelopment: Clinical Studies – Key Note Speaker – Prof Christos Pantelis Support Speakers Associate Professor Jess Nithianantharajah & Dr Cassandra Wannan
Panel Discussion

7.30am       Partner Breakfast – Proudly sponsored by Sandoz

8.00am       Registration desk opens

9.00am       Plenary 4 – Management of Non-Affective Psychosis: Recent research developments – Key Note Speaker Assoc Prof Jose  Rubio, Support Speaker Prof  Henry Nasrallah,                                  Prof Daniel Freeman
Panel Discussion

    Morning Tea

11.10am     Plenary 5 – Early Psychosis – Key Note Speaker Prof Alison Yung, Support Speakers Prof James Scott & Dr Peter Haddad 
Panel Discussion

12.50pm     Lunch

1.50pm       Plenary 6 – First Nations: Exploring the Juxtaposition – Key Note Speaker Prof Maree Toombs

2.40pm       Plenary 7 – Lived Experience: Living with Psychosis – Assoc Prof Michelle Banfield , Dr Richard Schweizer and Dr Nev Jones

3.30pm       Afternoon tea

3.30pm       Abstract Oral Presentations

6.00pm       Sundowner- tickets available now!
Join the APC2023 Sundowner, for an informal way to gather and connect, all whilst enjoying some delicious food.  This Sundowner is proudly sponsored by our partner Sandoz.  Sandoz is a global leader in generic and biosimilar medicines. It pioneer access to high-quality, affordable medicines to millions of patients around the world.


7.15am       Partner Breakfast– Proudly sponsored by Seqirus.

7.45am       Registration desk opens

8.45am       Plenary 8 – Service Models: Innovations and Controversies – Key Note Speaker Prof Nicholas Goodwin and Support Speakers Prof Rosemary Calder, AM Dr Juan Carlos d’Abrera
Panel Discussion

10.25am     Morning Tea

10.55am     Plenary 9 – The Australian Society of Bipolar and Depressive Disorder (ASBDD) Symposium – Key Note speakers Prof Phil Mitchell and Prof Michael Berk &   Prof Sue Cotton

Panel Discussion Phil Mitchell, Michael Berk, Sue Cotton, Susana Bluwol, Eileen McDonald.

12.35pm      Lunch

1.35pm        Plenary 10 – Cognition in Psychosis – Key Note Speaker Robert McCutcheon
This session is supported by an independent medical education sponsorship from Boehringer Ingelheim with content developed and delivered independently.

2.25pm        Plenary 11Making Change; Visions of the future. Keynote Prof Jackie Curtis and Prof Michael Berk

3.25pm       Afternoon tea

3.45pm       The agenda for changing the status quo

4.45pm       Closing